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Babylon Beach Club Istanbul

Nombre: Babylon Beach Club Istanbul
Number: 4921
Ubicación: Istanbul / turkey
Soluciones: Entretenimiento
Producto: Cerramientos Telescópicos
Tamaño: 8m X 7.20m h. 3.40m
Acristalamiento: 6mm Tentesol Blue Tempered + 14 + (4+4) Clear.
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The Babylon Beach Club located in Istanbul, Turkey, requested a Libart retractable structure for its restaurant that provided flexibility during the summer months and functionality during the winter season. When the weather is nice, the structure retracts into the building, providing an appealing modern look and allowing patrons to utilize the outdoor space. When the weather worsens, the structure extends out from the building, allowing for much needed extra space and additional restaurant seating. This one of a kind structure allows travelers to see modern architecture in motion.

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