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Medipol Onkoloji Hastanesi

Nombre: Medipol Onkoloji Hastanesi
Number: 2955
Ubicación: Istanbul , TR
Solución: Acuático, Salud y Deporte
Producto: Cubiertas Telescópicas / Corredizos
Tamaño: 10.4 m x 27.3 m ( 34' x 88' )
Acristalamiento: Insulated Solar Control Glass 6mm tempered + (6+6)mm laminated
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This design is a completely glass, and retractable patio cover.  Libart architects have designed and constructed the complete patio building, from retractable skylights to folding glass panel door, to the whole support structure.  The retractable skylight here has 21 bays and has 75% opening and can be controlled by remote control.

The Hospital wanted to use the patio all year long so they contacted Libart. With the Skylight system, patient’s and patient relative’s now can get away from the depressing atmosphere of the hospital and take a fresh air even if the weather is inclement.

With our motto “Inside comfort, outside freedom” we managed our client to have a yearlong profitable and preferred patio.

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