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Scottsdale Pool

Nombre: Scottsdale Pool
Number: 4409
Ubicación: -
Solución: Hotel
Producto: Cerramientos Telescópicos
Tamaño: 12m x 21.9m ( 40' x 72' )
Acristalamiento: Top four pieces in 10mm twin-wall opal PC / All other glazing in clear transparent 4mm PC.
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This retirement resort recreation centre was not getting full use of the resort pool that was built for it. With the installation of a Libart retracting pool dome the recreation area is protected from the sun in the summer, chill in the winter. Now the tenants of the retirement home can use their pool at any point in the year. The polycarbonate UV protection glass locks in heat during colder months and block harmful rays during the summer creating a perfect environment for enjoyment year round.
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