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Sienna Mercato

Nombre: Sienna Mercato
Number: 1184
Ubicación: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Soluciones: Restaurante y Cafetería
Producto: Cubiertas Telescópicas / Corredizos
Tamaño: 11m x 21m (39 x 70 ft)
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Three-story industrial-chic Italian restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh is the first in the city to offer retractable rooftop.

Sienna Mercato is located on Penn Ave. between 9th and 10th Streets. With a simplistic and trendy, industrial-chic ambiance of exposed brick walls and ceiling beams, concrete floors, and garage doors that create an open space of fresh air dining on multiple floors, it’s a wonder there’s ever an empty seat in the house.

The retractable rooftop (which closes to create a protective clear shell during inclement weather) and an open view of some of Pittsburgh’s most famous skyscrapers are among the perks of this dining experience. According to Brian, a long-time Pittsburgh bartender , “There’s nothing like this in the city; Nothing that retracts like this!”

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